FleaMarket Funk x Naptown Soul Club

naptownFleaMarket Funk is taking our 45s on the road this weekend to Indianapolis to the Naptown Soul Club. Past guest DJs have included Skeme Richards, Case Bloom, Rob Sevier from Numero Group, DJ Chase, Jeremy Wright, and more. This new, Midwest party has been getting rave reviews and pulling big crowds to hear their heavy funk and soul sound on 45 RPM. Here’s a bit about the party in their own words:

“Beginning in 2003, DJ Paren and Scott Matelic threw a weekly dance party called “Multiform” at the Casba in Broad Ripple. Before “open format” events became commonplace, Multiform parties brought together funk, soul, hip hop, psych, rock, new wave, and many other genres into an eclectic mix, showing that no music is mutually exclusive but is instead inherently connected. For the 5th edition of Naptown Soul Club, DJ Paren and Antonio Leiriao return to the tradition of those Multiform days and welcome special guests Scott Matelic (NYC) and DJ Prestige (Flea Market Funk, NYC) for a Naptown Soul Club x Multiform collaborative pop up party in Broad Ripple. The open genre Multiform sound mixed with the heavy funk and soul of Naptown Soul Club is sure to bump. Don’t sleep on this one, Naptown!.”

Looking forward to dropping some of our favorite records with residents DJ Paren, Antonio Leiriao, plus Scott Matelic, and Twin Peaks on Saturday night. We will be packing the Tucker & Bloom Rich Medina 45 bag full of heavy funk and soul, latin, brazilian, garage, and other assorted funky nuggets to dance to. If you are in the Indianapolis area, come on down, it’s going to be a funky good time and more.

Naptown Bags

Check out the event page below:

View the Facebook event here.

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