Lady Wray – Do It Again

Lady WrayIf you like your soul soaked in beautiful female vocals and driving drums, then once again Big Crown Records comes correct with yet another 45 rpm release in Lady Wray’s “Do It Again”. Add in some horn for flavor and you have the recipe for another future classic from the label. Already wowing audiences across the country in certain DJ’s bags, this tale of complex love is told only how Nicole Wray can: honest, in your face, and raw. This method pairs well with the rawness of the track, that will have soul collectors old and new getting their hands on copies of this certified banger. Produced by Leon Michels and Thomas Brenneck, it has that certain sound, and if you have been buying records on Truth and Soul or Dunham, it’s immediately recognizable. The raw, but refined sound of their New York Soul via Atlanta, Georgia vocals is undeniable. Perhaps she has channeled some of the Godfather of Souls sweetness in Augusta too, because her voice is as sweet as a honey bee but sharp as a razor too. This is a sound we have grown accustomed to and loved for decades from Michels and Brennan and it still lives on through a record like this. Make no mistakes, this is a big record. It’s an important record. Modern soul with a nod and propers to the old guard, you might want to load up on this one for the future, as the stock will be hitting the roof in years to come. Don’t believe us? Have a listen for yourself below, and while you’re at it, check out the new video of Nicole doing her thang again and again as well.

Check out the video for this dynomite soul seven:

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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