Soundsci – Walk The Earth

wte_digital_artworkOoooohhh weeee another Soundsci full length and hip hop heads are giving out a collective “yes!” in te world community. The third offering from a crew spread out across the globe comes at a time when there is much tumult around the world. Change in the US, change in the UK, and this is the perfect record to get your mind off of this craziness. You see, Soundsci is a world crew. Hailing from various areas with an attitude of “walking from place to place, meeting people, getting into adventures”, these cats are for real. They actually pay attention to exactly what they are putting out. It’s not about releasing a bunch of mediocre tracks to build a huge catalog. It’s about working with good people, making music that you can feel, music that has a message. With a line up of DJ Ollie Teeba, UGeorge, Oxygen, Jonny Cuba, and Audessey, each one of these brothers work it out in their own way. They form together like Voltron and they are all part of the head. This is a group effort: sampling, beats, lyrics, and you best believe these dudes are serious in their own right. When they are all as one on a record. It’s over. This record takes on subjects like current affairs, the human condition, and more. You can’t not pay attention. Pertinent beats, smooth flow, and a team that runs the mic like the The Invincibles at Arsenal, this is hip hop through and through. Check out a snippet of the full length below:

Released with this full length is a seven inch “Write On b/w CotG. Highlighted by a storm of horns and highlighting the struggle that builds character, while the B-Side introduces the newest member Supastition, on some high enerygy, up rock shit, it’s pure fire. Another Worldexpo sure shot. Have a listen to a snippet of both sides below:

Get the record here, available July 4th on Worldexpo Records.

Keep Diggin’!

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