FREE DOWNLOAD: Fusik – Clutch

Fusik BreaksThe band that brought you a grip of funky forty fives out of Florida is back with another tune “Clutch” off of their new record, The Break Sessions, available July 22nd on Fusik Musik. For close to ten years, Fusik has brought their special kind of psychedelic funk to the masses, and honestly, we are excited for this release. Always on the edge, pushing boundaries harder, this is jacks up the already hot East Coast heat this Monday morning. Heavy on the bass with a healthy back beat, “Clutch” is a driving funk force. When the horns kick in, the tune goes into overdrive. It’s got a deep cinematic sound to it, almost like a backdrop to some car chase. When the break down hits, percussion is abound, you can just see the bad guy getting away and the sun setting as the credits roll. These guys fuse a variety of genres in with a one common theme: it is damn funky. If this break filled first single is a signal of what’s to come on the whole record, there are going to be some happy DJs and B Boys when this thing drops at the end of July. Here’s a bonus, they are giving this track away for free, so download it and get a heavy dose of Fusik in your ears. Check out the track below:

Download the track for FREE here.

Keep Diggin’!

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