45 Brothers – Showtime b/w The Zone

45 BrothersIt’s good to see a 45 like “Showtime” by 45 Brothers come out. With a B Boy mindset and a definite hip hop pedigree, this forty five, no doubt is strictly for my breakers, my uprockers, and my people that want to get down. Like seriously get down. High octane and tempo with plenty of percussion and wah wah guitar, not to mentions carefully curated samples we all love, the A-Side of this seven on is all about the break beat, and is worth every sweat filled move. The flip, “The Zone” is on the downtempo tip (but not to a standstill). Melodic and moody, this B still packs a wallop with heavy drums and key/ synth stabs that go well together. Hailing from London, these chaps keep the hip hop torch burning, adding two belters to their CV while simultaneously mastering the art of moving butts. While their background is a bit of a mystery, this limited edition of 200 (a real amount of limited pieces) will no doubt be gone in no time. Perfect for your hip hop/ B Boy sets. I expect to hear this on Summer mixes in no time.

45 brothers logo

Stream both tracks below:

Check out the dope video that goes with the single:

Get the record here.

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