Download: Flea Market Funk x 45/ 7 Vinyl Mix

45 7 DJ PrestigeWe get asked to do a lot of mixes, a lot. We always try to oblige as best as we can, as we love to spread the gospel of Flea Market Funk all over the globe. Next stop: Hamburg, Germany. A while ago, we got hit up by 45/ 7 Vinyl, a project that puts out a variety of 7″ vinyl mixes every month by guest selectors. This particular mix was broadcast on their new show on Byte FM, which airs on Friday at midnight (Hamburg, Germany time). We were the first mix on the show, so obviously we were thrilled to be a part of the kick off. For this special mix we dug deep in our crates and laid down some funky cuts as well as some soul music we have been feeling or dug up on 45 lately. Along with the mix we did a short interview as well as a few lists of vinyl Lps and 45s we dig. You can stream the hour long, live, all in one take 45 only mix below, as well as read the interview and download the show in mp3 format. We are humbled and honored to be a part of this mix series, and a huge shout out to Felix for getting us involved with 45/ 7 Vinyl. Enjoy.

Stream the show:

Read the interview here.

More info on 45/ 7 Vinyl here.

Keep Diggin’!

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