Y Society – Know The Meaning b/w Rather Unique 2

Y SocietyFor its 100th release on the label, Redefinition Records did something special. They’re putting out a Y Society seven inch. A hot commodity in the hip hop world, Y Society (Insight + Damu The Fudgemunk), an obscure group that have been on the low since 2007 are back almost a decade later with a double side of heat for your ear holes. The demand for their first release Travel At Your Own Pace has been high, and it goes for triple digits these days. So Redef has a treat today as this dynamic duo just burn the mother effin’ house down on “Know The Meaning”. Drums that knock. Freaky, freaky, freaky, freaky flow, there is much mic control as well as tight cuts that you can get behind.

Never needed to be shot to collect my props.

The flip, “Rather Unique”, which saw some light in the digital space in 2008 is now on vinyl for the first time new and improved. Paying homage to ’94’s Pete Rock produced AZ track sharing the same name is some reworked niceness by Damu with Insight going in on the verse. Applauded when it initially came out, you will be hearing this in sets more than not now that it’s on seven inch. All in all, number 100 for Redef is nothing less than you would expect: dope. A two sided banger that makes the world, with all this tumult in it this am, just a bit brighter. With artwork by Joe Buck, you can not go wrong. Check out the track below and grab a copy of the record from Redef at the link at the bottom of the feature.

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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