EXCLUSIVE: Soundsci – Original Soundsource Sample Mix

13681901_10153729806558994_824451210_oFor those of you who have been following the super group SoundSci for a minute, you know that besides the lyrical prowess of Oxygen, Audessey, and UGeorge, the production team of Jonny Cuba and Ollie Teeba have them rhyming over some super tough breaks as well as nice as hell samples and hooks as well. If you’re not familiar, well we suggest you get familiar, because this clique is the epitome of hip hop. Intelligent, meaningful lyrics, carefully selected samples chopped, flipped and done up better than a Waffle House breakfast. It’s a family affair, so when Jonny Cuba and Ollie Teeba got together and made a mix of original SoundSci samples, to exclusively put on Flea Market Funk, we needed to get them up right away. This short mix is just under twenty minutes but packs a wallop. All of you crate diggers, beat heads, drum break lovers and fans of heavy samples will absolutely love this thing. If you’re a fan of SoundSci, you will be able to get a little insight on where these samples came from and how they flipped them nicely for each track. Even if you have no idea who they are, the mix stands tall on its own. We are a huge fan of these kinds of mixes. Call it a quick mix, original sample mix, hell, just don’t call it bad,  because it is certainly not. There are some classic originals you may know, and a few you might be searching for after you hear this. The artwork was done by the highly talented and impeccable Mr. Krum exclusively for FMF. Their home team is strong all around. They make bangers so you can just listen. Get it? This mix is all that and a bag of crisps, preferably Worcester Sauce Walkers, but we are just sayin’. Stream the mix below:



Check out more about SoundSci here.

Get down with World Expo Records here.

More on Mr. Krum here.

Keep Diggin’!

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