The M-Tet – VAMP, Oakland

FNR T M Tet VampWe have been following the M-Tet very closely since their start, and they have impressed us. A few full length and funky forty fives on their own Lugnut Brand record label put their signature Bay Area funky sound on the map. Their latest collaboration with Detroit’s Funk Night Records is all time. A first 45 rpm offering on the label was of course a classic, but this new single rises to the top even further. Maturing on this record and digging into their deep funk sound more than ever, “VAMP, Oakland”, to us, is the best forty five they have put out. We are going to tell you why. The drums are hard, the bass lines are tough, and the fuzzy guitars and open drum break will have you salivating for more. It’s everything you have grown to love in a funk record and the fact that it is out on the Funk Night label, a label that has quickly become collector’s favorite as well as having a reputation for putting out quality funk records is a huge bonus. But at its core, The M-Tet have shaped themselves as one of the premier funk bands out today. Their doing this their own way, and aligning themselves with FNR not only opens their audience, it solidifies their already solid reputation as a no bones band making great funk music. They are keeping funk alive, specifically their own brand of organ driven funk, and they are doing it with style. Check out the video for “VAMP, Oakland’ below:

Buy the record here.

More about the M-Tet here.

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