PREMIERE: Pat Van Dyke – Whitewalls (PVD x Fancy Colors Remix)

WhitewallsRemix_CoverFlea Market Funk alum Pat Van Dyke is a busy dude. Yet somehow, he manages to get in a remix collaboration with people despite his hectic schedule. This time he’s joined forces with Fancy Colors to put a new spin on his “Whitewalls” track from the previously released Right On Time LP. A fresh take that has a slight island feel meets Brazil with some soulful vocals, and is perfect for your summer playlist. It’s light, airy, and perfect not just for this summer season, but for all four. This thing is on repeat in the offices, and who knows, maybe it will show up on one of our summer mixes? It definitely reminds you of island nights, a sweet drink that may or may not have an umbrella in it, and a good time.

Here’s what Pat had to say abut the remix:

“After playing the tune live for the past year or so, I found myself counting it off faster than the original recorded version. I decided to remix the song at a faster tempo, adding some programmed drums from the Rhythm Ace, stripping away the Fender Rhodes melody and giving it a reggae feel. I hit up my man Zac Colwell (aka Fancy Colors) to re-record the melody on flute and lay down a tenor solo. What he sent back to me was above and beyond what I asked him to do……doubling the flute melody with a falsetto vocal part and replacing the solo section of the original arrangement with a Sergio Mendes meets Earth Wind & Fire style vocal / flute call & response. After he did all that, I thought it only right to call it a PVD & Fancy Colors Remix.”

Download this track and pay what you want to play on bandcamp.

Get the track on Spotify.

Get more info on PVD here.

Keep Diggin’!

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