The Do Yo Thangs – One Plus One

DYT-Press-photo-682x1024Hope Street Recordings has got the reputation for their output of quality funk and soul 45s from Down Under. They dabble in other genres that are pretty dope as well, and if you are not in the know with this indie powerhouse, we suggest you do so. Their latest release, available September 9th, is from an EP of slow jams from Melbourne band The Do Yo Thangs. Their first single, “One Plus One” is a quiet storm that will have you turning the lights down low. Sexy and cool, songwriter/drummer/singer Hugh Rabinovic and vocalist Audrey Powne (Au Dre) mix analog and digital sounds to bring you, the listener, an inviting and provocative aural experience. Throw in harmony singers, Maddie Otto and Tiaryn Grigg, some 808 and your sexy party is complete. Sharing a love of Erykah Badu, Hugh and Au Dre met in jazz school and upon graduation formed this band. Let’s be thankfull for Lowdown Loretta Brown for bringing these two talented individuals together. We love their sound, and it also seems like it would fit lovely on the Excellent Reception podcast from our man Lil’ Dave as well. You listening my man? The new track is a glimpse into this new partnership with Hope Street and the EP is full of tracks like “One Plus One” and future soul that will not only get you in the mood but open your ears and heart to their very special sound. We whole heartily approve. No go get sexy with someone you love.


Check out the video for “One Plus One” below:

Pre-Order the 45 RPM record, available Sept. 9th here.

Keep Diggin’!

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