Big Ups With Antonio Leiriao

Antonio Leiriao Polaroid_600
Antonio Leiriao, one of the DJs and founders of Naptown Soul Club in Indianapolis, is a great dude. An East Coast transplant who is now firmly rooted in the Midwest, he helps put on one of the finest funk and soul parties in Naptown. For those of you not familiar, Indianapolis has gone through changes in the last 10 years or so. Full of the arts and music, the city is a really good time for food, drink, culture, and some decent record digging as well. Antonio is a solid dude all around and helps promote great music events throughout the city. Him and his Naptown Soul Club crew and extended family are all great people. With a top notch record collection and selection, Antonio rocks Indianapolis in his own way: FUNKY. We are always looking for great people doing great things in their area and he is one of them. So if you happen to find yourself in Naptown on Saturday check to see if the lads are getting down, you won’t regret it. Enjoy this latest installment of Big Ups.

AL Big Ups Page 1

AL Big Ups Page 2

AL Big Ups Page 3

AL Big Ups Page 4

More info on the Naptown Soul Club here.

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