Fulgeance & DJ Scientist – A Soviet Disco Excursion Vol. 1

A Soviet Disco ExcursionFollowing up on their successful record The Soviet Tapes, a take on funk, soul, and jazz from the Soviet era, Fulgeance and DJ Scientist are back from the lab once again with another record, A Soviet Disco Excursion Vol. 1 on the newly formed Excursions label. The dynamic duo rework three dance floor fillers, and like The Soviet Tapes, their talent to make bangers shines through. Concentrating more on the dance floor and the art of moving butts, they bring us three tracks reworked and re-edited to a rolling boil. The first, Sorceress’s “I Wait For You”, is a slow flute groove on the disco tip. They work the pretty much unknown all girl group from Belorussia into a mover. Heads nodding and asses shaking, this track gets two thumbs up. Next up is some cosmic disco goodness courtesy of Mirdza Zivere. “Vienmer but”, made famous by the group Modo is a classic in its own right, and this edit is dope no doubt. The last track, which is our favorite of this project, is Tatyana Kochergina’s “Igray, Skripka, Igray” or “Play Violin Play”. Hinting on some Philly/ Ital Disco styles, this is the sure shot on the record in our opinion. With Soviet-era Ukrainian roots, this sound from that region at that time is just beautiful. Music transcends all borders, so this is a perfect example of that. Have a listen to Fulgeance & DJ Scientist’s A Soviet Disco Excursion Vol. 1 below and purchase the record, which is out now, at the link at the bottom.

SDE Label

Get the record here.

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