Aver – She Prayed To The Moon

Natrual CurriculumAver is a producer from The Natural Curriculum or TNC, a hip hop collective hailing from sunny Manchester, England. Featuring members DJ/Producer Omas, Beatboxer Jam, MC Bill Sykes and MC/Producers Chalk & Aver, they create a unique boom bap sound for 2016 that they have cultivated from years rocking together. Aver, whether part of Dayse & Aver or The Natural Curriculum, makes dope tracks. The track we are highlighting today, ‘She Prayed To The Moon”, comes from Aver’s new EP, And Now For Something Exactly the Same, a two track, super mega limited seven inch that you may or may not be able to get your hands on (depending if they sold out at the time of this article or they need to do a second run). We definitely need to get it into our play box, and you will want it too. Highly reminiscent of early DJ Shadow/ RJD2 type beats, the heavy drum sound Aver has is pretty impressive. There is a knock to these drums and with a clever sample and tight and precise cuts by Omas, the drunken drum effect with triples and more on the MPC gets the job done very nicely. This is the kind of fuel we want in our tracks, and Aver will get in your ears with this one. This track is a future classic, the sound just never gets old. The subtle horn sample is infectious, paired with the tuff drums, it’s as nice as we have heard in this genre in a while. Have a listen tot he track below, and also check out the video for the tune as well. Like we said, the record may be sold out, but they might do another run if it is, so message them here to request one. Top tune, certified for sure. Salute!

Check out the video for “She Prayed To The Moon”

Get the record here (if they have any left!)

Keep Diggin’!

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