DJ Nu-Mark – BBC Radio – 6 Mix

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.03.02 PMWe all love Uncle Nu aka DJ Nu-Mark. His zodiac mixes alone on youtube are the stuff of legend. But seriously, one of the hardest working dudes around, whether innovating with his electronic toy collection solo or bringing good hip hop back with his Jurassic 5 brethren, Uncle Nu just keeps moving forward always in all ways. His latest mix for BBC Radio 6 is what we like to call here a ‘certified banger’. Running the gamut from original hip hop samples to innovative beats to dancehall to re-edited funk classics, international drum breaks, and hip hop slabs of fire, this mix is something you need to pump loud. His turtablist style, tight mixing with precise scratching, plus his own special creations, whether by manipulating a beat or processing some effects and or beat juggling is truly genius. Nu-Mark has been on top of his game for quite some time, and honestly just keeps raising his own bar higher and higher. There are some surprises on here as well, so we won’t ruin that for you. Privacy is on the door, that’s all we’re saying. Check out the mix below:

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