Hip Hop Family Tree Comic With Jorun Bombay Flexi Disc

HHFT 12To celebrate the final Hip Hop Family Tree comics monthly, Slice of Spice Records joined forces with super producer Jorun Bombay for an exclusive track, “Hip Hop Family Tree” that will be included with each issue on paper flexi-disc. If you’re not familiar with Ed Piskor’s award winning comic series on the hip hop family tree, then it’s time to get very familiar. Always on point, whether it be the art or story line, this is a series all you collectors and hip hop scholars need. The inclusion of a limited edition flexi-disc is really something special. Slice of Spice always are on the cutting edge of releases, plus their attention to detail and specialty vinyl projects are really second to none. They’ve become an indie, boutique powerhouse that artist and producers alike are scrambling to work with to get their tracks on the beautifully done flexis, picture discs, and next level vinyl record releases. This release also comes with a free MP3 download of the track, so what can be better? You get the vinyl and a bonus digital track of the record. If you love your hip hop history (and we know you do), don’t sleep on this dope project. Have a look at the flexi-disc:

HHFT Flex 1

Check out the track below and download it for FREE!

Buy the limited edition Hip Hop Family Tree issue from Slice of Spice here.

Keep Diggin’!

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