Andy Cooper – Yalla! Yalla!

Andy Cooper Yalla YallaFor all of those who are stuck in the 90’s, claiming there is no good hip hop today, nothing is better than that era, and stick to the same group of songs on your Serato hard drive, we have news for you. There is good music out there. Bands like SoundSci (among others) and our man Andy Cooper from Ugly Duckling who has just been straight murdering a variety of tracks as of late. Have you checked out his vocals on “Rock Rock” by The Allergies? Pure Fire in our opinion. Dude can flow. Not to mention UG were a tight clique as well. This time he has joined forces with French producer Doc TMK (who we have profiled before here at FMF) and their track “Yalla! Yalla!”. Let’s start with the beat. Middle Eastern samples and heavy, heavy drums are on the menu from start to finish. Cooper, in typical Cooper fashion, weaves a tale of a post tour vacation gone wrong in the Middle East. Like a modern day Slick Rick, you haven’t heard tales like this since a J-Live record. Cooper captivates the listener with his silver tongued rhymes while Doc TMK hits you over the head with drums that make your mama say “Good Lawd!”. So for those of you stuck in the past (we get it, we love quality records from different eras), come on son!, dig deeper. There is a lot of really good music being made, artists carrying the torch of the elders, and some innovative stuff going on. You have to dig deeper. And deeper. And deeper. The majors aren’t giving this sound a chance, so artists are taking matters into their own hands and straight killing these seven inches. Check out the track below:

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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