Numark PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable: An Alternative While DJing Live?

PT01Scratch_lifestyleFor those who are into the portable turntable game, Numark has just released a teaser for their PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable. Now, we have reviewed portables in the past, and the original PT01 was included. I found it too heavy to lug around digging in the field, but besides that and the tinny speaker (just use headphones while digging), it was solid enough to use as a side turntable. With the portable scratch community growing, it looks like Numark is getting into the portable scratch game with this upgraded PT01. No extra, blue tooth cross fader needed. They are promoting their exclusive Numark Adjustable Scratch Switch™ on this model that unscrews for lefties or righties, and enables you to scratch a turntablist routine without a mixer. It is also replaceable, so that’s a plus if you give the switch a work out. This turntable is also battery powered, so it works whether you have electricity or not. Fair enough. What we are interested in though, is using two as a regular DJ set up as opposed to carrying a Technics set up. There have been tons of videos of DJs rocking two Vestax Handy Tracks and a mixer, why not this improved Numark? For 45 gigs it could be a breeze: lighter, easier set up, and while we are not sure about how much sound is sacrificed, we think it could be pulled off. Plus, you’d be saving yourself a ton of cash as the Handytrax go for big money these days.


With RCA outputs, you could plug into a slim mixer and get the job done. Although it comes with a seven-inch slip mat, if you wanted to throw down a Donuts style slip mat or any other after market you’re comfortable with, it looks like it might work. It also comes with a USB output so you can record your sets which is a must these days. While we know there are a grip of DJs who want to take a battle tools 7″ (ReDefinition Records has a dope one here) and get to work on this new and improved turntable, we were thinking a bit outside and trying to use these turntables as an alternative to carrying a whole coffin to play 45s. We aren’t Biz Markie, and don’t have custom 7″ Technics, so we thought this might be a different route. It looks like we might give this a try, so when we get it situated, we will shoot a video and get it out to you.


Here are the features of the PT01 Scratch:

-Built-in adjustable Scratch Slide Switch
-User-replaceable scratch slide-switch keeps the action going
-Protective dust cover and integrated carrying handle
-Wall-powered with included AC adapter or six batteries(not included)
-Built-in speaker
-Cartridge included
-Removable slip-mat
-Class-compliant USB connection for PC recording
-33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM settings
-RCA line and headphone outputs
-1/8″ Aux input with adjustable volume

More info on this turntable here.

More info on the portable turntable scratching here.

Keep Diggin’!

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