Just Reissued: Banda Black Rio – Maria Fumaca

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.24.37 AMIf you are into Brazilian music you know about Banda Black Rio’s “Maria Fumaca”, a funk, disco, rock, soul, R & B, and fusion heat rock from 1977 on Atlantic Records. If you’re not familiar, then this is a perfect chance to grab this classic from the chaps over at Mr. Bongo. They have been reissuing many classic full length Brazilian classics as well as a lot of hard to find Brazilian music on 45 RPM. While we always love to have the original of a track, but it’s next to impossible to get a lot of these records unless you break your bank account, or they even turn up. The original of this Banda Black Rio Lp goes for upwards of $150 and more. It’s a company like Mr. Bongo that goes the extra yard to do a proper reissue and get records like this on to your turntable. Have a listen to the full record below, and if you’re blown away as we were the first time we heard it, you can buy it through the link provided. This record has been named by Rolling Stone as one of the top 100 records out of Brazil, and has been championed by such notables as Gilles Peterson and Theo Parrish. If that’s not a co-sign, then we don’t know what is. So what are you waiting for Mr. Funky Samba? Get moving.

Stream the record here.

Buy this fantastic piece of Brazilian music history here.

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