FREE DOWNLOAD: Richard Pickman – Lost.Paradise

Lost ParadiseIt’s projects like these by Richard Pickman that get us excited here at Flea Market Funk. Lost.Paradise is a project on the Milk Toast Music that combines cinematic sounds with hip hop beats and electronica. The back beat of a cult movie yet to be made. Influenced as much by DJ Premier as many of the cinematic masters (and maybe Trent Reznor’s new role of soundtrack scoring), Pickman keeps it atmospheric and light on “Ghost Beach Party”, as string samples rest easily above drums and electronic stabs. We can definitely see this beat being a lost underground artist’s instrumental from the early 2000’s, it has that kind of feel too. The cheeky “Koala Priest” reminds us of those Jon Spencer Blues Explosion collabos with Killah Priest. Weaving in and out of heavy synths and drums, we get the feeling we are not in Kansas any more. ‘Square/Suckers” has that 808 knock throughout (and a classic Falling Down sample we think), while “BIOGENETIC JETSET” is a Carl Stalling project meets cool jazz track that just fades into, well, coolness. The horns at the end are brilliant. Closing out the EP is “Feel It”, with dark beats and warbly vocals that burst into strings and then right back into the heavy layered electronic beats before fading into the credits as the screen goes black. Pickman’s use of samples and production skills are definitely on point, and the combination of nerdy hip hop beats and electronica are a good pairing. File under projects liek Anti-Pop Consortium and left field beats if that is your bag baby.

A conglomerate of instrumental expressions made in the heat of meditative media indulgence.

There is a FREE DOWNLOAD of this EP at the link below. Stream Lost.Paradise as well.

More information here.

Keep Diggin’!

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