NOLA Bounce Breaks Vol. 1

NOLA Bounce BreaksToday’s feature is for all you turntablists and scratch lovers out there. DJ Yamin aka Professor Short Hair teamed up with Quickie Mart and Tony Skratchere to release the first New orleans Bounce Battle Break Record. This treat for the 7″ scratchers, portable scratching enthusiasts is a tribute to the Big Easy Bounce through a variety scratch samples just waiting to be manipulated. Featuring never before samples of NOLA Bounce artists such as 5th Ward Weebie, BJ So Cole and Hasizzle, plus a lot of the classic scratch samples you’ve grown to love (and use) as well. This thing brought back memories of Super Duper Duck Breaks and a variety of Dirt Style records which are well seasoned break records in our crates. The first side is three scratch sentences chock full of the Bounce and other assorted samples and side two contains a continuous New Orleans Bounce battle break for the producers and the DJs. For those who think that the scratch community isn’t alive and kicking, here’s proof that a record like this, which pressed up 500 copies the first run, sold out quickly. While the second run is getting pressed back up, there are copies still left below. What’s even better is that it is the first NOLA Bounce battle break record, so those looking for specialty cuts can only find these special ones here. Now go find some secluded place, get your portable and Raiden fader out, and go nuts.

Check out a sample of the record below:

Get the record here or here.

Keep Diggin’!

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