People Under The Stairs – The Gettin’ Off Stage, Step 2 EP

PUTS New Redefinition Records has gone in deep on this one people. For their highest quality record they have ever produced, they joined forces with Thes One’s Piecelock70 label to bring the 10th project from People Under The Stairs (PUTS) on The Gettin’ Off Stage, Step 2 EP. With seventeen years in this music game, traveling the world, building crazy studios, living life the way they want to, rocking any stage they have set foot on, the well respected duo of Thes One and Double K reflect on their career, life, and more. Everything you’d expect from this infamous hip hop crew and on point production by Thes One as usual. The six tracks on this EP is simply something that you will be playing over and over. The slow burn, synth stab filled of “Back From The Dead”, the early hip hop influenced, Kangol wearing party vibe of “Graffiti On The Wall”, and our favorite cut “Feels Good”. This track rocks from LA to Tokyo, because damn it feels good to rock with PUTS once again. Side B kicks off with darker track “Nightrunners”, that touches on escape in today’s society, as well as “Ste. For Superheroes” with drums of death that knock like Superman hitting the skins. The bass line later on on the track is just plain sick. Thes One putting it down hard once again. The EP closes out with ‘After These Messages”, a track that nods your head until the end and then you pick up the needle and drop it down again. This record, if anything, proves that PUTS are one of the greatest hip hop groups around. Some of you may never have heard of them, but if you have been in the game, you know their prowess and just how good they are. They have stuck out for almost two decades because of their individuality, dope rhymes, innovative production, and willing to work hard. This EP is definitely a jewel of 2016. Stream the EP below, and get a free download in the link after. The packaging and black / white swirl record (each one is unique) may not last long, so get moving. Order early from the Redef and PUTS stores, and it’s available world wide on 8/26.


Get the record here.

FREE Hi Res download here.

Keep Diggin’!

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