Kutiman – Shine Again (Weedo Remix)

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.00.49 AMThere is something special about Kutiman. If you’re not familiar with his video music manipulation (Thru-YOU) into tracks, there is plenty of proof of his genius on the internet. That being said, we have been spinning his 45s in out sets for quite some time. A worldly, funky, rhythm emits from these tracks, and the Israeli musician, composer, and animator obviously draws inspiration from a global grooves. His latest track, “Shine Again”, of the Shine Again Remixes EP, has four remixes that are edited and reworked by four different producers in a different style. While we chose the Weedo Remix, which is on the dub reggae and down tempo tip, the other three styles (hip hop, house, and Soul) are all unique in their own way as well. Weedo’s downtempo, dubbed out version of this track easily brings you back to a JA inspired atmosphere, with some Middle Eastern sounds, digital post Black Ark drums and horns that ring out into your brain. As if Kutiman’s records aren’t good enough, these four re-edits are an added value to the already talented musician’s dope track. Always pushing boundaries, always pursuing a sound that will move a global population, we really feel that Kutiman is going to be lodged in history as one of the greats. His body of work is appealing to so many, and like an avalanche moving down a mountain, it shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Check out “Shine Again” below, and also stream the other remixes as well.

More Kutiman goodness here.

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