Lee Fields & The Expressions – Special Night

Lee-Fields-Special-Night-45-hpAnd the hits just keep rollin’ with Big Crown Records. The new label by Danny Akalepse and Leon Michels strike soul gold once again with another heat filled seven inch from Little JB aka Lee Fields, “Special Night”. With 50 years in the music business, Fields, backed by The Expressions has put in blood, sweat, and tears to get to a record that sounds like this. As close to soul perfection as you can get, Fields is the wise uncle who gives you life lessons and guides you through a myriad of obstacles smoothly. After all, he has been there before.

I don’t mind, the hustle and bustle of the grind, cause it’s all worth it, because of you.

Six minutes of loneliness and love divided into two parts, narrated by one of the best in the music business ever, accompanied by solid music from his right hand men The Expressions. This is soul music. We are particularly captured by the organ work and horns throughout and by the time he gets to rappin’ on the end of part one, you can’t flip the record over quick enough to hear more of his sage advice. Fields and company have found the formula that most try at and can’t reach. Do you know why? He has lived through it, and if you haven’t, it comes out in your music that you haven’t. Genuine heartache, failure, loneliness, love lost and the eventual success for Mr. Fields, five decades in the making, are on this 45. The man has experience and life lessons, and hot damn it is a special night. Produced by the talented Michels and Thomas Brennick and recorded at The Legendary Diamond Mine (look it up), it’s Big Crown for the win once again.

Buy the record here.

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