Beckie Bell – Music Madness (Tom Noble Remix)

beckie-bell-music-madness-favorite-recordsWhen a dude like Tim Sweeney calls you a ‘disco genius”, you definitely have your shit together. Tom Noble, DJ, producer, record head extraordinaire, has laced us with another banger, and if a disco vibe is your thing, well then, this track is it. Beckie Bell and the French disco anthem from 1980 ‘Music Madness”, produced by the legendary Pierre “Berjot” Jaubert is next up on deck and it is hot fiyah from start to finish. If you’re not familiar with Jaubert, the prolific producer put out some of the best tracks, and was responsible for The Lafayette Afro Rock Band. Dude had his hands in a lot of pots that turned to gold, you know what we’re sayin? So it’s only natural that one of the best in the biz, a guy who can turn records into pots of gold himself, Tom Noble, gets this ultra rare disco LP In Need Of and takes this dance floor filler to a higher plane. You want to get down? You want to party? You want to sweat until you can’t move? Noble is your man and he has been the man to make you move for a long time. Check out this monster track and grab a 12″ while you’re at it. How about a 45? A man can dream…..

12″ vinyl available here.

Keep Diggin’!

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