Melvin Sparks – If You Want My Love b​/​w Get Down With The Get Down

melvin-sparks-if-you-want-my-love-45Rocafort Records are back again with another official reissue, and this time it’s the breezy soul of Melvin Sparks and “If You Want My Love”. Overlooked at the time of its release from his Melvin Sparks ’75 LP, this modern soul dance floor filler has great horns, percussion and a groove that definitely will move you. This jazzy boogaloo strut side is what we like to call unfuckable with. It’s that good. I dare you not to move your head whilst this beat is moving. Featuring Jimmy Scott on vocals, this is simply put, the jam. The flip, “Get Down With The Get Down” is his take on some blaxploitation film soundtrack, which is a great track in its own right, however we can not get enough f the A side. The percussion just tickles our ears and those horns, well let’s just say, are intoxication. The vocals of “If you want my love/ You gotta give me more” combining with the back beat just solidify this as one mean mother effing dance floor mover. A must have for your record box for sure. Now drop this thing like it’s hot and watch the crowd go nuts. Available October 5th and as a doubles pack for those who want to get nice on the zigga ziggas with this 45. Check the tune below:

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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