Slice Of Spice Records 2.0

sos-2-point-0When great boutique hip hop labels come up, Slice Of Spice is usually mentioned in that conversation. Since their inception, their attention to detail, eclectic collaborations, and unique product offerings have helped them rise to the top like a cream (or C.R.E.A.M.) in a cup of coffee. Whether it is their Legacy Artist Collaborations with legends such as D.I.T.C, Lord Finesse, Jeru The Damaja, Black Sheep, K-Def, Paul Nice and more, new artist collabos with the new generation of fly artists like Oxygen, The Enforcers, and Audessey, or producer projects with Marco Polo, Kid Tsunami, DJ Format, and Jorun Bombay, their reach in the hip hop game is far. Known for putting out a product on the streets throughout the globe better than most, their original joint efforts with projects like Hip Hop Family Tree, Wax Poetics (Japan), or the esteemed Disk Union in Japan have solidified their reputation as a brand that doesn’t eff around. On time and on point, they have raised the bar once again with their new website, Slice of Spice 2.0.

Slice Of Spice is an innovative indie label specializing in pressing records of a superior quality…WE CUT VINYL, NOT CORNERS!

The new website is streamlined to offer you the best of Slice of Spice quickly. Looking for a new arrival or something from the archives, it’s there. You need some quality SOS merch? They have you covered. Maybe you want to check out their ebay or Discogs store, all there Baby Pa. Now you can just shop on the site like any old, regular Joe, but then you could also become a SOS member and get exclusive member benefits. This is a section that many hip hop fanatics and completists dive right into, but it is definitely open to everyone if you qualify. Members have a lot of benefits and perks, and in the record (or cassette) game the exclusives go fast. As a member, you have access to this kind of product as well as:

-15% discount in all items purchased directly from SOS
-Priority Ordering
-Early Shipping
-Exclusive Vinyl
-A La Carte Shopping
-Record rebates
-Special Awards and giveaway

Along with offering great product, SOS also does a lot of other things ranging from record label service, art and design, mixing and mastering, transferring and archiving, and production, which makes them pretty unique. Not only are they offering the best products out there, they offer a bevy of services that again, put them a notch above the rest. With new projects from D.I.T.C, First Division, Jeru The Damaja, The Enforcers and a dope collab with Hip Hop Family Tree and artist Ed Piskor, they continue to push boundaries and stay at the top of the game. Have a listen to some of their catalog below and hear it for yorself.

Listen to the Spicecloud here.

Visit Slice of Spice 2.0 here.

Keep Diggin’!

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