PREMIERE: Smoove & Turrell – You Could’ve Been a Lady Video

smoove-turrell-press-dan-graham1Photo By Dan Graham

Bringing their Northern Coal Music to the masses once again, Smoove & Turrell, our favorite Newcastle bunch return with a new record, Crown Posada, and a new single “You Could’ve Been a Lady”. Today, we premiere the video for the track, produced by David Macgill and directed by Smoove & Turrell themselves. These chaps have been holding their own for quite sometime, broadcasting a blend of soul and electronic music that has propelled them from their North East base to international festival favorites. They are working class to the soul (pun intended), and this first track on the record is a beautiful reworking of the Hot Chocolate track. While the original, slower and sweet with it’s heavy guitars can move you like it’s 1971, and the April Wine version is a little more upbeat and ’70’s radio style, the Smoove and Turrell version is updated, more dance friendly, and has that back beat that knocks. Let us not forget the organ that winds itself in and out throughout this massive choon. On this latest effort, which comes out on Jalapeno Records October 14th, they turn out a well rounded LP that would make your mum get up and dance. From the disco bass line of “No Point In Trying” to the hip hop influence on “Slave To The Blues” and the massive soul influence throughout the entire record, Smoove & Turrell are indeed one of a kind. Let’s get serious here, there are 11 tracks on this record and they all bang on. It’s working class music for working class people, but you are all invited to the party. John Turrell’s voice is really one of the greats of our times. Whether you are familiar are not, you can’t deny the talent when this guy opens his mouth. It doesn’t sound of this era, but blends perfectly with a contemporary record that pays an homage to so many things. From childhood memories to relationship woes and a local, legendary watering hole, Crown Posada has something for everyone. His voice has the range to take you on a journey through influences, beats, and back. Check out the video for “You Could’ve Been a Lady” and pre-order the full length below. This tune (along with the LP) will sweep you off your feet like Bobby Moncur did to Geordie supporters way back when. The band is defending the Northern Coal Music in the same fashion, get to know these chaps.

Pre-Order the record here.

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