Klaus Layer Society Collapse + Digital Download

society-collapse-lp-poster-45In today’s music climate, everyone is a producer, rapper, or DJ. Music is put out multiple times daily through a myriad of outlets, so you are bombarded with a lot of mediocre stuff. When a person like Klaus Layer comes along you tend to take notice. A seasoned producer who has been steadily dropping gems on the Redefinition label, his latest effort Society Collapse could very well be his best yet. A concept record that doesn’t disappoint from start to finish, you will have no problem flipping this record over and over again. In other words, it will be on constant repeat. Providing enough boom bap for your speakers and clearly influenced by Golden Age greats but forging a path of his own as one of the leading producers out of Germany, he’s carved out a niche for atmospheric, hard hitting beats that stick in your head for real. Whether it is “Supermarket”, with its soothing flutes and chimes, the echo laden “Future Shock”, the heavy, heavy drums of “Search”, or the sunny day with the top down in the whip, jazz influenced “What A Day”, like the man’s name states, the record has layers.

This record is a musical manifesto for reclaiming that awareness, personal choice and inspiration for progression. – Klaus Layer

Not just your ordinary, run of the mill, cookie cutter set of beats and samples. These run deep, are intricately layered, genre bending and innovative IMHO. The eternal dream, or “Der Ewig Gleiche Traum” is a journey folks, a journey that goes quick, but has you saying to yourself: “Did I really dream this, and if so, why did it end?”. These tracks are catchy, and on “Francesco”, layered up with multiple sounds and a tropicalia like feel, shows the producer’s innovation and ability to make something out of nothing. Whether it’s a telephone dialing or water dripping, these sounds matter, and rather than crowd a track like some producers do, these enhance everything from the drums to the woodwinds. What we dig so much about thsi record is its depth, and with two years in the making, Layer is releasing his best work to date. The proof is in the details. If you dig instrumental hip hop, innovative samples, and layers of goodness, this is for you. Check out the album stream ripped from tape (and download it for free) below. This is a record people, are going to be talking about, so don’t miss out.

The record drops today on digital format, tomorrow for Cassette Day, and vinyl is coming November 4th. The deluxe version is color vinyl with a 45 of bonus cuts, and a poster.


Full tape rip of the album minus the bonus tracks

Order the color vinyl with 45 rpm record + poster here.

Keep Diggin’!

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