GU-RU – Into The Light EP

gu-ruThe beauty of music today is that you can find a diamond in the rough, or psychedelic mushrooms in the grass while searching through the muck and mud that is the industry. Enter GU-RU. The creation of keyboardist/ composer Lee Spreadbury, the band features Spreadbury on MOOG, Organ, and Rhodes, Malcolm D’sa on drums, and John Kenna on bass. A bouillabaisse of Cosmic funk and soul, psychedelic rock, and setting the controls to the heart of the sun, they are influenced by greats like Herbie Hancock, Return To Forever, The Doors, and Rotary Connection among others. This is their second EP, with its release January 2017 and the single “When I’m With You” available for free download on Dec 1st. We are lucky to have a sneak preview of the EP.

A journey through the center of your mind.

With a heavy psychedelic rock sound and booming organ, “When I’m With You” could easily have been recorded in 1968 and not 2016. It has a sound of a record you took a chance on without your portable while digging and in turn makes you jump for joy because it’s so damn good. The title track, “Into The Light” is a synth heavy journey through the center of your mind. If you’re not listening to this without some visuals on the screen to enhance the experience even further, you need to do so. The drums are funky enough though, and these enhancements will only add to this aural experience. Jumping right into the funky, library music-esque “Flo”, Spreadbury’s keyboard chops are flexed and this instrumental goes all out and if we had to pick our favorite track, it would be this one. The EP ends with “Pleasure Mile”, a soulful slow mover that rounds out the EP beautifully. This is definitely one that is under the radar, and worth giving a listen. Also, look for the single

Check out the teaser of the record below:

Check out the bandcamp page here.

Keep Diggin’!

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