FREE DOWNLOAD: Alpman – Blown

alpman-blownAfter a recent foray into some disco tracks, Alpman returns to his roots and releases his first funk single in quite a while. We raved about his Kept Records release, he got props from Gilles Peterson from some of his other tracks, formed a surf rock band, and now he returns to a genre that is and will always be close to his heart: F-U-N-K. “Blown”, with its jangly guitars, deep deep bass, and funky drummer back beat is what we have grown to love from the Turkish multi-instrumentalist. Ever present is the Alpman organ style. Hard, gritty, and all so funky, this track could be late ’60’s as much as it is here with us in 2016. While we definitely dug the late night vibe of Alpman’s most recent trip into disco, we have always been impressed by his closeness with American funk, his inclusion of Turkish funk and psychedelic in his tracks, and his definition of what the funk really is to him. We particularly love the open bass line and drum break, however small it is, that gives way to his organ prowess once again. The man keeps busy, has an open mind when it comes to music, and it shows. He can easily make a deep disco track and then come back and produce a dirty funk record as well. Open minded and definitely talented, we say “Salute!” to Gunes Alpman. For now, this track is digital, but let’s not be surprised if it turns up on a seven inch in the near future. Enjoy “Blown” in all its glory below.

Listen to more Alpman here.

Download “Blown” for FREE here.

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