FREE DOWNLOAD: Mangoseed – Jah Jah

mangooseedToday’s vibes come courtesy of UK band Mangoseed. Formed by frontman Nicholai La Barrie and guitarist Karlos Coleman in 2008, they spread the message of music through funk driven guitars mixed with a conscious lyrics to deliver their own sound to the people. Their new single, “Jah Jah”, is a heavy dub and roots sound via bands like Burning Spear or Third World. A nod to the elders, not just musically, but culturally as well. Nicholai’s lyrical prowess waxes poetic while the rest of the band keep the bass lines steady, the drum beat hard, and the guitar sounds moving to a higher plane. Cat Coore would be proud.

My heart is full and its’s bursting. I have a message to deliver.

While the band is known for its high energy live shows, fusing many genres such as rock, funk, and hip hop lyricism into their music, the music is the message in this track. Reggae music that is. Calling on past generation’s wisdom to guide us safely on our journey to the next generation. The dedication to Jah and a call for guidance and protection for future generations rings out loud and clear. Passed down from father to son, grandfather to grandson, the message that shines through is Jah. Mangoseed make that abundantly clear through the echo and heavy bass, delivered precisely by the vessel, which is Nicholai La Barrie. Check out the track below, and download it for free from their Soundcloud page. The video, produced by TEAfilms and Mangoseed, was shot and edited by Adam Kes Hipkin and Dan Patrick Hipkin is a great visual representation of the track and is featured at the end of the article.

Download “Jah Jah” for FREE here.

Check the video for “Jah Jah” below:

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