Across 135th Street: Breakbeat Lou

rbr-bbl-30th-anniversaryNew York City has its musical history, and both Chairman Mao and Breakbeat Lou play their part in it. Jefferson Mao: DJ/ Historian/ Digger/ Journalist/ and all around good dude connects hip hop, funk, boogie, jazz, and of course original samples on his Red Bull Music Radio program Across 135th Street. Tonight, he welcomes one of the legends in the game, a pioneer who helped pave the way for so many people (including this author), Breakbeat Lou. In 1986, Luis “Breakbeat Lou” Flores and Lenny Roberts started the Ultimate Breaks and Beats compilations that went on to have over twenty five volumes. The records were integral not just to DJs, who didn’t have access to the open drum breaks these funk, jazz, rock, new wave, and latin sides contained, but to early hip hop production and producers as well. These compilations would help shape the way of hip hop’s sound from their beginning, changing the game. It’s hard to even fathom where hip hop would be without the UBB collections. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ultimate Breaks and Beat, Chairman Mao will host Breakbeat Lou, who will be speaking on UBB and its great legacy. One of the most humble, talented, and seriously nicest guys in the business, if you are any where near your computer at 7 PM EST, we implore you to turn in. It is definitely safe to say, that without Lou and the UBB series, Flea Market Funk might not have been. The knowledge, not only musically, but DJwise you gained from practicing with doubles of those records for hours on end helped you hone your craft and get to another level. We are definitely excited to hear this one, hosted by another giant in the game as well in Mao. Don’t sleep on this one people. Mark your calendars, it’s time to go to school.

The episode premieres today at 7PM EST here.

Hear more episodes right ‘chere.

Keep Diggin’!

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