The Funk & Soulful Side Of Roy Ayers

funky-side-of-roy-ayers-45We all know that the one and only Mr. Roy Ayers was a funky dude. Today’s forty five goodness comes courtesy of Mukatsuku Records and is available through Juno and better record shops while supplies last. Two tunes, previously unreleased on a single are together for a doubled up, funk and soulful side of the artist. The A side, is the monster club instrumental “Funk In The Hole”. This side has it all, really. A break beat, electronic keys, strings, brass and more. A guaranteed get down on the dance floor with this classic. The flip, is the soulful “Liquid Love”, a late night burner that is sure to please the stiffest of wall flowers. It is funky indeed, not as hard as the A, but a top tune in its own right. This is a great two sider for your box. Mukatsuku just keep the hits rolling, and with this Roy Ayers side they keep raising the bar too, because both of these tracks are hot lava. Limited quantities available. Don’t wait, these are two sides to get into, you know what we’re saying?

“Funk In The Hole”

“Liquid Love”

Pre-Order the record and hear samples of both sides out November 4th here.

Keep Diggin’!

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