Savages Y Suefo – Revolution!

savages-y-suefo-45With the American election coming up less than a week away, we thought it would be relevant to highlight a track coming out of Budapest, Hungary that could apply itself to what’s going on in the world today. Savages Y Suefo, a duo who have been known to get the dance floor sweaty release this single just in time. With hopes that this record “sets out to raise awareness for the challenging situations and ongoing changes happening in our world that seem to effect everyone’s life these days”, we can definitely say this: there will be a revolution on the dance floor with this side. Collaborating with vocalist Ashley Slater, who has done work with Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim among others, this Dr. John-like voice barks the manifesto of their revolution. Built up on a heavy hitting back beat, horn stabs, tough guitars, and a great break down, this tune is as much Funkadelic as it is Electric Six. Think funky, gritty, with a dose of rock slid in for good measure. Talkin’ bout a revolution with this record people, and wrap your ears around their solution. The flip is a remix of the track by the illustrious Mr. Bird of BBE fame. We have a winner here folks, so get this baby while you can. Check out both sides of the record below, out Nov. 4th.


Get the record, out Nov. 4th on Agogo Records here.

Keep Diggin’!

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