Elsie and The Vibe – Riverside

elsie-and-the-vibeToday’s piece of soul comes from the Melbourne born and Brooklyn raised soul singer/ songwriter Elsie and her band, The Vibe. They come correct with a track “Riverside”, off of their upcoming EP due out on November 22nd.
Produced by producers/musicians Jonathan Dreyfus (Gretta Ray, Lama) and Robert Upward (emaar, Shelley Segal), The band includes Rob Muinos (Saskwatch), Olaf Scott (Saskwatch, Dorsal Fins), Justin Olsson (LANKS, Oh Pep!) Louis Gill (the OMG’s, Noah Earp) and Lulu McClatchy (Supergirly) as well as a bastion of talented musicians on board.

Lyrically the song didn’t have an identity for a while. I had this strong chorus but couldn’t work out what the song was really about”. I dug deep to discover that it was about my battle with cancer. After that realization, the verses just flowed out.

“Riverside” is a sultry throwback of soul and R & B that builds slowly to a cavalcade of aural delights, only to return back to a smoke filled room of uncertainty. Weaving back and forth between influences such as Gospel, Stax, Motown, and Rhythm and Blues, it’s haunting but powerful effect throughout is definitely a winner. Elsie’s voice mirrors the pain she has gone through, and as the smoke clears, the song dissipates. A powerful track with a story behind it, we are looking forward to hearing more from this band. She is also launching a blog, Higher Vibration, which will focus on positivity through social conscious and social good. We think that’s pretty cool as well. Check out her track below.


More pre-order of the EP here.

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