Combo Chimbita – Chimbita Theme

combo-chimbitaComing off of their fire release in 2014, NYC’s Combo Chimbita are back once again with an EP, El Coreador de Jaguar on the Names You Can Trust label. Explosive comes to mind when describing this music, which combines the “roots of the African diaspora” and gets their inspiration from their native Columbia as well as other Caribbean music. Part future, part past, this psycafrocarribean trip is definitely one of the more unique live bands that are around NYC these days. Today we are visiting their very own “Chimbita Theme”, which is a definite psychedelic shot with much rhythm, percussion, and enough far out guitars to fuel the journey. With a punk rock attitude, this outfit features Prince of Queens (Bass, Synth, Vocals), Niño Lento (Guitar Vocals), Andres Jimènez (Drums, Vocals), and Carolina Oliveros (Guacharaca, Vocals). Put a little spice in your record box, the boys at NYC Trust make sure you keep it moving in a big way. Check out the track below (as well as the rest of the EP). Another Names You Can Trust sure shot. Believe that.

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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