Budabeats Split 7″: Brazilian Singers / Los Belkings

budabeats-2Here’s some Friday heat for you courtesy of Budabeats Records, the Hungarian record label that has produced some definite lava rocks over the past few years. This time they return with a split seven inch that has South America written all over it. Combining a Brazilian classic and an obscure Peruvian surf track, we get introduced to Brazilian Singers and Los Belkings. Both records are reissued for the first time on 45. Side A is a great cover of Jorge Ben’s “O Telefone Tocou Novamente” from 1971. Brazilian Singers give it a faster, updated sound from its original form, but still stay true to what Jorge was laying down. A great dance floor rocker no doubt. On the flip you get “Setime Patrulla” from the Peruvian outfit Los Belkings. This one is originally from 1969 and is a heavy tune all together. You get some surf, you get some rock, and best of all you get guitars and drums. Dick Dale would be impressed. Two bangers on one 7″, who doesn’t appreciate that? In the past, Budabeats released two records in 2015 to much applause, which sold out promptly. Now they are back again with some South American H-E-A-T for your turntable and the dance floors world wide. If you are into tropical/ psych/ surf sounds, then this seven inch is for you. A welcome edition to the record box, so get this one before it’s gone too.


Listen to both tunes below:

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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