Edan – Fumbling Over Words (Mac McRaw Remix 2005)

mac-mc-raw-v-edanHere is a classic revived by our man Mac McRaw, vinyl veteran, country gentleman, record digger, and one hell of a producer. Mac dug deep in his bag to pull this remix out circa 2005 from Edan’s Beauty and The Beat LP. Even after more than a decade, this thing is tight. You have Edan, The Humble Magnificent, who gives a history lesson in a way that he only can, and Mac on the beats, which seriously is a deadly combination. By now, if you have been reading this site, have seen both of them on the pages of Flea Market Funk doing big things in their own right. But if you haven’t, here is your chance to catch both of them together making some magic.

Class is in session/ Master this lesson/ The teacher was a student/ Study like a Buddhist/ Reviewing all the best to do this so lets do it.

The Humble Magnificent’s rhyme flow is as raw as ever, and as he name checks the greats and gives us a funkin’ lesson that more rappers today should really pay attention to. SP1200 banging to it’s limit, the Vinyl Veteran resurrects not just this mix for you to hear, but a rhyme scholar’s message that anyone into hip hop should take note of. He transforms the original from psych rock back beat to ’88 and sets it straight. This should be required listening if you want to be an emcee. Educate yourself, listen to good records, always be a student, and know your past. This one is one of those remixes that is all time, so play it loud. Mac McRaw vs. The Humble Magnificent, still as fresh today as it was when it was made eleven years ago. Shout out to both of these cats who hold it down large wherever they go. Maybe we will see this on a seven inch some time (hint hint Mac). We can hope. Enjoy.

Keep Diggin’!

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