Ernie Hawks and The Soul Investigators – Scorpio Man Theme

scorpio-man-themeAs the year winds down, we are getting heat from all over the world, new labels and old. Today’s hot lava rock comes from one of our favorite labels, Timmion Records. With a huge bag of I don’t give a f%#k, they just keep putting out consistently good records. Whether it is sweet soul, funky soul, deep instrumental organ funk, or this great collaboration with Ernie Hawks, “Scorpio Man Theme”, the label is one of the best out there. It is these releases that propel the funk (and soul) world forward. If you are not riding on the Timmion train, shame on you, you are missing out. This particular 45, is extra funky. It’s got all the ingredients for a spicy, funky bouillabaisse: wah wah jangly guitars, horns, steady, heavy back beat, great percussion, and a funky flute that takes you there. Riding the thin line between pure, American funk and European library music, this is the release that puts Ernie Hawks into the spotlight. Previously weilding his flute powers to push artists like Myron and E, Willie West, and others to the forefront of this funk and soul music, the man gets some shine on a record of his own on this one. Filled with funky goodness, break beats, and a sound that usually is associated with blaxploitation films of the ’70’s, this side scorches. Think tracks like “Burning Spear”, “The Fife Piper”, and even “Sweet Songs”, as the flute moves into the queue on this one. Another hit from the Timmion camp right before the end of the year. Although 2016 has been a bitch as far as taking artists from us, it has also given us some really great records, this being one of them. It’s out on December 16th through Timmion and Ernie Hawks’ bandcamp page, so if this kind of funk is your steez, tehre it is. Check out the track below:

Buy the record here, out December 16th.

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