Teeko feat. Diamond Ortiz – SFC (REAL ONES)

teeko-sfc-45This is just what we need for a Monday morning here at tha Funk. On the Modern Funk/ Boogie tip, and hailing from the West Coast, producer Teeko (half of the duo Starship Connection) puts down some hot fire for the first release on Needle To The Groove Records with “SFC (REAL ONES)”. Already doing remixes in the past for heavy hitters like DJ Shadow, Mark Ronson, MoFunk and more, Teeko collaborates on this tracks with Diamond Ortiz to set the freshman release on the label off correctly. Described as a “lively vocoder slapper”, this definitely DJ friendly track (and dub on the flip), is guaranteed to make them bizzounce. One of the best modern tracks we have heard in a while (Bruno Mars wishes he could be this funky), Teeko gets busy on the a Roland JX3P, Mini-Moog Voyage, and Talkbox, while Diamond Ortiz performs vocals on a Microkorg XL with a Rocktron Banshee Talkbox. This is a true vibe y’all. When they sing “Real Ones in the place to be”, they mean it. They are as real as it gets. Authentic is a word that comes to mind. They’re not trying to sound like this like some pop acts who just discovered boogie. This is who they are, real ones, so you better recognize. Repping the Bay Area and Cali to the fullest, don’t sleep on this forty five.

It’s not where you stay but how you feel.

This release is limited to 1000 with a full color jacket, and we might have to buy two and put one on ice. This future classic is a hit. Watch it rock dance floors all over the world. So whether you are riding in your ‘six four’, or hitting the club with your girl, real recognize real on this track. If you can’t get down to this jam, you need to check your pulse.

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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