Ultimate Breaks 30th Anniversary Bundle

unnamedTo commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Ultimate Breaks and Beats, Get On Down have teamed up with Breakbeat Lou on this very special, very limited bundle. Limited to 86 pieces, this bundle is a nod to the most influential series of records to hip hop and DJ culture. If you were a DJ, you were aware of UBB. These records played a critical part in shaping hip hop and DJ history. Here is what commemorative project contains:

– Limited Edition “Space Man” Figure (Standing 8″ tall) (this character can be seen on SBR 503)
– Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Poster 11″ x 17″ (Only 86 made)
– Limited Edition 30th Anniversary T Shirt (Printed on Fine Cotton Blend Shirts)

Everyone from Marley Marl to Peanut Butter Wolf to Kenny Dope to DJ Scratch (including this writer) cite UBB as a huge influence on their DJ/ production careers. Without the massive effort of Lenny and Breakbeat Lou, who knows where the hip hop road would have led? UBB is DJ and hip hop culture no doubt, and it’s great to see this important cultural item get a Get On Down treatment via this bundle. The covers were just as important as the music, and now you can own your own piece of Ultimate Breaks and Beats. This is super limited, so once it’s gone, well, you know the deal. You got to be real pussyfooter, grab your apache and bongo rock as you dance to the drummer’s beat, because Get On Down and UBB are about to give it to you. More info at the link below.


Get the bundle here.

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