breakaweightsWe have been in the market for some disc stabilizers for a while. Pat James Longo aka Primitive Sound System swears by stabilizers, and since we use a donuts style slipmat when DJing 45s (plastic platter, seven inch foam for the 45 record), we decided we would finally give these weights a chance. We are sure glad we did. Designed for DJs and audiophiles alike, these weights will definitely help you stabilize all the vinyl you have. Made of 100% high grade stainless steel, Breakway Records out of Austin, TX is offering the only product of its kind in these Breakaweights. Each weight is double sided. One side is flat for 12″ and little hole records, while the other side has a built in 45 adapter built right into the weight itself. Both allow for proper stabilization of your vinyl records. This makes it perfect for both working DJs and audiophiles alike. Although these are not new to the audiophile community, the weights itself apply downward pressure to the record while it spins. With dimensions of 3.25” (L) x 3.25” (Width) x .5” (Height), it helps flatten out warps, allowing your less than perfect records to be played much more easier than without them. Aka, they help with skips. These can also be back cued a lot easier while also eliminating feedback and vibrations, increasing the sonic reproduction’s accuracy and clarity. Another selling point from Breakaway is that these are the perfect cover up for your rares. It’s true, they do cover up, but I say just ask the DJ what they are playing. Most will tell you, but we get the secrecy. In today’s climate, if you have the cash and will power, you can get just about any record, but maybe you don’t want to reveal? It’s nice to see a nod to glued on labels, marked out records, and spy tactics when you are spinning. But seriously, these weights are top billing, and won’t break your wallet. So if you are in the market for some weights these get the Flea Market Funk seal of approval. Anything that helps some warped records is ok in our book, plus they are stylish and minimalist at the same time. Treat yourself for the holidays, will you?

Get them here.

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