Holiday Buying Guide 2016 Part 2


Continued from yesterday’s Part 1, here are a few more nuggets for that special music lover and vinyl appreciator in your life!

Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers) Deluxe 7 Inch Casebook
wu-tang-box-set-1For the hip hop lover in your life, why not grab this comprehensive 7″ vinyl record set of Wu Tang’s Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers) Deluxe 45 Casebook filled with 7″s from the LP? The most comprehensive Wu Tang seven inch set around, get on down includes all kinds of goodies as well. This will put a smile on any DJ and or fan of not just the band, but hip hop in general. Get it here.

Flipbin Play and Display Vinyl Record Organizer
Flipbin 1Hot off of their Kickstarter success, flipbin are ready to go for all of your vinyl record display needs. Coming in with a 12″ model, which holds LPs & 12″ singles, as well as the 45 version (which we love too!), you will be able to store your vinyl for easy access. We use it for our “New Arrivals” as well as making a mix. The records fit in so snug and are easily accessible, it’s really a no brainer. Get flipbin here.

Pioneer DJM 450 Mixer
pioneer-djm-450We are really excited that Pioneer has upgraded the DJM 400 to this. A two channel version of the 900 (and bigger upgrade to the 400, and IOHO stay away from the 350), this mini workhorse is great for someone who wants the effects, filters, and everything else they are used to in the 900, but in a smaller package. Honestly, for spinning vinyl records, this is all you need. It’s got effects galore and when used right, really enhances your DJ set. It’s some of the top DJs favorite party mixer, and ours too, so we might even grab an early Holiday gift for ourselves in this mixer. More info on this beast here.

Draplin Design Company Thick Lines Poster Series
ddc-poster-seriesFor those of you who don’t know who Aaron Draplin is, here is a chance to get familiar. Dude is a giant in the graphic design world. A man of simplicity, his merch page has everything from head and torso covers, field notes (he started them yes!), pencils, ear defenders and more. Utilitarian stuff done with classic design in mind. This poster series is one of our favorites. It’s limited edition, but reminds us of some sun filled room in the ’70’s with the hi fi in the background playing some far out free jazz. Guaranteed to brighten up any space. Don’t sleep on Draps! Get the posters here.

Wax Rax 45 Adapters. Now With More Colors!
wax-rax-adapters-full-lineWe have been fans of Wax Rax since they started to build their custom industrial style record shelving and carts a few years ago. Since then, they have jumped into the forty five adapter game. We use these adapters religiously. Light weight, made from aluminum, and hands down the best adapters we have ever used, these puppies are made in the USA as well. They come in a variety of colors for your listening pleasure. These will fit in any bag or even your pocket with ease. Get the adapters here.

Buy More Vinyl Shirt From Flea Market Funk
BUY MORE VINYL TEEWe have some of these Buy More Vinyl shirts, printed here in the US of A, in sizes Medium through Double Extra Large. For a short time, while supplies last, we are blowing them out at $15 plus shipping. Go here to get your limited edition FMF tee.

Gift Card To Your Local Record Store
Philly Weekend Btown3
Independent record stores aren’t just a place to buy records. They are a hub for culture. The best part about the stores (besides the vinyl records) is the amount of characters that go and hang. We all know them, love them (or hate them), but you can’t deny that when you support your local record store, you keep small businesses and independent shops alive to see another day. Not Record Store Day, but every day for them, which really is record store day. So go to your usual spot, a place when you’re on holiday, and lay down some green for a gift certificate. Your shop, and your turntable will thank you. Keep vinyl record shops alive, or there will be none left.

Keep Diggin’!

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