Holiday Buying Guide 2016 Part 1

holiday-buying-guide-2016As this year draws to a close and the holidays get nearer, we’ve put together some gift ideas for to give to yourself or someone you love. In no particular order, here are some fresh ideas for the vinyl record love in your life. From DJ equipment, to bags, to prints, to vinyl subscriptions, these lucky seven are gifts we feel will brighten up any vinyl record lover’s day or night. They’re unique, and some limited edition, so get it expedited because this is the last week before the holidays!

breakaweightsWhether you’re a DJ or an audiophile, these disc stabilizers are some of the most unique we have seen come out. They will work for 7″ records (with a built in adapter), or flip the bad boys over for those pesky 12″ records you can’t stop wobbling. The size of the weigh actually covers the label in case you are doing your sets secret squirrel style. More info here.

Madvillain Figure with Madlib & Doom “Avalanche” 45
madvillian-avalanche-45-comboThe rap game got more toys than Kris Kringle….more vinyl record and figure goodness from your friendly neighborhood Madvillain. Pre-order for February 2017 delivery. Created by the same team that brought you the Kid Robot Madvillain figure, this figure had contributions from James Reitano, who illustrated the box and sleeve for the ‘Avalanche” forty five included in this bundle. Comes with the instrumental to the track on the flip. Get in line to cop here.

Damir Brand Waffle 45 Adapters
waffle-45-adapterWith the utter success of the donut forty5 adapter which is sold out, Damir Brand went right on ahead and won all of our hearts by producing some truly unique shaped adapters for your large hole seven inch records. The stack of waffles 45 adapter is taller, and is just as sweet. If you want your records to play in style, then grab a stack and get moving. Syrup is optional. More info here.

Vinyl Me, Please Subscription
vmp-subEver want to get a record every month that you can choose? Well, Vinyl Me, Please is a vinyl record subscription service that has a variety of plans (annual, 3 month, and 1 month) that will conform to your vinyl needs. With 12 exclusive records,12 exclusive prints, as well as 12 custom cocktail recipes, 4 records swaps, and access to member online exclusive products in their online store, it’s a one stop for exclusive VMP pressings . With many options and genres to choose from, you will be asking for more vinyl, of course. Great for the vinyl record lover in your life, so just say please right here.

Ultimate Breaks and Beats x Rich Medina 45 Bag by Tucker and Bloom
ubb-tb-rm-45-bagWe have been singing the praises of this bag for years, and this special collaboration between Tucker and Bloom, Rich Medina, and Ultimate Breaks and Beats is a special one. With only 30 of these bags made, carry your prized 45s in legendary style. These bags are tough as nails and come with a lifetime guarantee, not many DJ bags have that. Seriously heavy piece of equipment here people, and when they are gone, they are gone. This is for our serious forty five heads out there who have been doing it from the get go only. Don’t grab this is you just started collecting 45s last week. For the serious DJ and traveler, this bag will fit in your carry on compartment. More info on this here.

Censored Rap Video Sweatshirt
rap-video-nike-crew-sweatWe dig design, and one of our favorites, Burlesque of North America, has taken their most popular tee shirt of all time and turned it into a crew neck sweatshirt for winter. Now you are ready for any national television appearance or that cameo in a rap video you have been trying out for. Optional forty ounce at your local liquor store. You figure your own foot wear out, you’re old enough now. Get it here.

Old Dank Nic Holiday Blend
old-dan-nicNo surprise here we dig coffee and much as we do vinyl records, and one of favorite brewers is at it again. A holiday tradition, “The blend is centered around coffee produced in Nicaragua, chosen for its brightness and acidity. This year, it is paired with coffees from Guatemala, giving the blend a creamy body. This velvety, medium-bodied coffee was created to please the whole family, keeping spirits high and bright. Get some here. While you’re at it, grab some mixes from them as well. That’s for free.

See you tomorrow with part 2.

Keep Diggin’!

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