Jack Jones aka Audessey – Blast

jack_jones_frontStarting off the new year right with the second release from the Structures Built label out of Toronto, Canada. This time it’s Jack Jones aka Audessey from Soundsci with a double side of heat to warm up your turntable for the ’17. Bringing along aCATCALLEDFRITZ to demolish the beat, “Blast” sets the bar high to start out with a new 365, so emcees better pay close attention. As a whole unit or solo, Soundsci control all four corners of the globe. One of the hardest working units you will hear, their music’s proof is in the pudding. Jack Jones gets right in line and pun intended, blasts off. This side is hot fire. Shots fired to you mediocre spitters, you can learn a thing or two on this side. On the flip, he lines up the perfect storm with the ATL’s Doecino, Eddie Meeks, the man called Jon Doe with the cuts and more superb production from Soundsci’s own Ollie Teeba (also of The Herbaliser). That synth line though! The beat is on point as Teeba is known for, and the vibe is supplied from the third eye, because the rhymes are tight. With artwork done by Greg Blackman and Mr. Krum, it’s official all around. The one seven starts off with heat already, so step up your game if you want to keep up (if you can) with the Structures Built crew.

Hear a snippet of the record below:

Pre-order the record, available on 2/12 here.

Keep Diggin’!

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