Boca Beats The Blues

boca-beat-the-bluesWell you know he couldn’t stay away for long, our old mate Boca 45 is back once again with another banging mix to knock your car speakers, headphones, and house parties. Boca Beats The Blues is not just another mix, it’s another all 45 mix, carefully curated, mixed, samples galore, and of course originality that many of the DJs out there just do not have. It’s a quick mix, 45 all 45 RPM vinyl records put together like they should be, D-O-P-E! Hold up, remix it, classics, samples galore, B Boy bouillabaisse, head nodders, neck snappers, drums, pump up the volume, it’s all about the beats, and it’s star time! These mixes are gone just as fast as they are put up, so if you want to own one of these limited edition mixes, hit up the link at the bottom and follow it to the Boca 45 store and grab it up. In the mean time, check out the two minute teaser mix of this unique mix tape. Boca 45 will beat the blues anytime, so what exactly are you waiting for? Nothin’! Get on this trip before it’s gone. We have been playing it loud all day and so should you.

Buy the mix here.

Keep Diggin’!

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