Capriccio, Magnant & Associates: Local Government Victory b/w Gavel Strike

local-government-victory-45Out of the Lugnut Brand Records camp (along with a full length The M-Tet record) comes this very limited edition 45 from Capriccio, Magnant & Associates. A double sider that is very different on each side but with a common funky thread, this is exactly what we like hear on a cold, blustery morning on the East Coast. Extremely limited (under 200 pressed up) and flying under the radar of just about, well, every one. “Local Government Victory” is a smoother, jazzed out side, reminiscent of sides that were put out on the Groove Merchant Label in the early ’70’s. Think Jimmy McGriff, O’Donel Levey and that sort of lot. Heavy on the twangy guitar and smooth organ, this is some sunny day soul jazz if we have ever heard it. The flip, “Gavel Strike” is a bit funkier, so whatever your mood, you can choose from either side of this seven, it will help you through the day (or night). Featuring Joe Baer Magnant on guitar, Tony Capriccio on Fender Rhodes, Chris Lujan on bass, and Michael Reed on drums, this side project from members of The M-Tet is a definite winner. What we love about Lugnut Brand, as well as The M-Tet and its players, is that they are authentic with the groove and their music, and do it just right. They are always gigging, always making new music, and have become a force to be reckoned with in this music game. We love to champion the little guys (who may not be little guys for too long), so keep an eye on this crew. This 45 is something that needs to be snatched up, because it will definitely not last too long. The Left Coast has done it again, and as the label says: “Get It Together!”, this one’s a keeper. Check out the A side below.

Get the record here.

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