Discogs Presents: The Butta Bros. at Live Convention ’16

butta-brosHere’s a treat for all of you vinyl record nerds out there. The Butta Brothers aka Skeme Richards and Supreme La Rock got pinned downed by Discogs in Toronto, CA this past year while they were at the Live Convention ’16 and in Hot Peas & Butta fashion, broke down everything from DJing, vinyl records, collecting, and the hash tag #instadigger. You know you use that tag (we do!), and it originated with who else, these two originators. We’re not talking Jaz and Jay Z, but The Butta Bros. These cats have been doing it since the ’80’s and still continue to do it today, pushing the envelope, doing big things on their own, keeping it real, and never following a trend, rather creating them. These are two good chaps right here, and if you want to get some schooling in, there’s almost eight minutes of goodness from each one breaking down a variety of topics. Shout out to Discogs for putting this together. It’s also a rare capture of both of these dudes smiling at the same time. Am I right? Check the video below.

Keep Diggin’!

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