Black Flower – Bones

black-flowerBelgian outfit Black Flower come through this morning with an Ethio-jazz track to start off your week. Steering the ship is saxophonist Nathan Daems, who alongside Jon Birdsong on coronet, Simon Segers on drums, Filip Vandebril on bass, and Wouter Haest on the keys. All instrumental, this tight outfit has departed with the psychedelia sound from their debut 2014 record album Abyssinia Afterlife (W.E.R.F. / Zephyrus Records) to a different sound which explores Ethio-Jazz, dub, afrobeat, and more. “Bones” is the first track off of their highly anticipated second release Artifacts, out February 3rd on Sdban Ultra. Exploring African rhythms and more on this one, the record is a trip back into history, holding the hands of Mulata Asthatke, Fela Kuti, and Getatchew Mekurya along the journey. “Bones”, a straight up slice of Ethio-jazz fire, is anchored by by percussion and Eastern influences, taking it back to the essence. Not afraid to play music that contains elements of where we have come from as well as where we are going, Black Flower nails this track in a big way. While this track is just an introduction, a rather laid back jazz track from way back, the rest of the record will indeed have you dancing in your seats. A call to the elders and a salute to the future, these musicians will move you no doubt. It’s funky, deep, and sometimes spiritual, but tied together with the very fibers of the ancients and masters who came after them. Listen to the single below and then stream the entire record as well. 2017 is starting off superb, and Black Flower are one of the reasons. Far out sounds, far away places, and grooves for days.

Watch the video here:

Check out more info on Black Flowers here.

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